Awning Cleaning

Does the awning over the front of your Winnipeg business look really dirty and grungy?  Does it detract from the inviting appearance of your storefront?

Awnings are an investment and that investment is outside in the elements 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Proper maintenance will prolong the life of your awning by removing the built-up dirt, grime, tree sap, bird droppings, algae, and organic debris that will accumulate over time. But not only will it protect your investment it will enhance the appearance of your storefront or place of business.

Insight Service Solutions Inc is an exterior cleaning company serving the Winnipeg, MB area.  We specialize in cleaning fabric or metal awnings for all types of commercial buildings including retail storefronts, restaurants, and more.

We use awning safe soaps, soft brushes to gently agitate the surface and low pressure to rinse them clean. High pressure and aggressive cleaning techniques go against the manufacturer's cleaning specifications and may cause permanent damage. The goal in awnings cleaning is to use the most gentle method possible to remove the debris that is within the fabric or on top of the surface.